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Tomb of General who Inspired Gladiator Found

It’s rare that archeology finds specific material about secondary characters, but in this case it seems to have happened. A tomb recently discovered in Rome bears an inscription identifying as belong to Marcus Nonius Macrinus, who inspired the main character in the movie Gladiator . You can read the full story via the link provided….

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Tlisli and the Tlazil – I

Tlisli* struggled to wake up. It felt a little like when she had been a small child and had almost drowned in the river. She had wanted to breathe, but couldn’t. She had struggled toward the surface, but it never seemed be there. As she struggled, images passed through her mind. She was struggling through…

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Would it Make Me Wrong?

“Daddy!” The boy pulled on his father’s uniform shirt. “Yes, son?” “Why are they burning that lady?” “Because she committed adultery.” “Oh.” “Daddy!” The boy pulled on his father’s shirt again. “Yes?” Less patient this time. “I thought you testified at the trial that she couldn’t have done it because she wasn’t there.” “Well, Father…