Book: Long Time Gone

This is billed as a novel of suspense, though it has a couple of pretty good mysteries embedded in the suspense. I have not read that much by J. A. Jance, but I do enjoy her style of storytelling, and I found this one a positive experience. The personal relationships are fairly tangled, but the characters are interesting and the story keeps moving.

The story is set in Seattle, and brings back an older character, J. P. Beaumont, now an investigator for the State’s Attorney. His investigation will lead him through obstruction by the Seattle Police as well as by an assortment of other characters, none of whom seem to want a 50 year old murder solved. I guessed the outcome wrong on the main murder, though I caught on to the correct villain in a second murder before the secret was revealed. I usually regard it as a good sign that I can get some things right, but not all–the book is logical, but not obvious.

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