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Psalm 103 as Blank Verse

OK, here’s another try at transforming a Psalm, in this case, by putting it into blank verse. There are some wonderful parallelisms in Psalm 103, but a great deal of that impact is lost on English readers. Here I try to present the message in blank verse, which provides some meter. I’m still sticking fairly close to the thought structure of the Psalm as it is. As I have time I may play around some more and try to create additional translations using other poetic forms.

May all I am from deep within speak blessings of my God!
Oh let me not forget the things my God has given to me

He it is forgives my sins.
He it is who heals my ills.
He it is my life redeems.
He it is his grace pours out.
He my life with good things fills.
He’s the one renews my strength.

My God does right and justice gives for all who are oppressed.
He showed his servant Moses ways and deeds he knew were right.
My God is kind, he will abide, his anger slow to show.
His accusations soon will end, his favor then we’ll see.

Our sins are great, but mercy’s more, our guilt receives his grace.
As heaven’s far above the earth, so grace exeeds our fall.
As far as east is from the west, so far transgressions sent.
As parent cares for wayward child, so cares our God for us.

Because he knows just who we are; recalls that we are dust.
We’re like the grass that fades and dies, like flower that blooms then fails.
A wind may blow and then it’s gone, it’s roots cannot be found.
But my God’s grace forever stands, his justice never fails.
To those who keep his covenant, to those who do his word.

Let angels, every power who does his word come bless my God.
Let all the host who serve and do his will come bless my God.
May all that he has done in every place he rules come bless my God.
May all I am from deep within speak blessings of my God!

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