Book: Danger in the Shadows

I tend not to like books that have too blatant of a spiritual purpose. If a book is written to teach a lesson, I don’t like it. If it’s written to entertain, and happens to teach one or more lessons, I’m happy. I don’t mind if the characters are people of faith and that this shows up as part of the story.

My first introduction to Dee Henderson was in the O’Malley series. Those books seemed to me to fall a little too far into the first category–each one leads up to the conversion of the lead character. The stories are decently interesting, however, so I was still willing to read them. Nonetheless it took a few positive comments from my wife before I was willing to try another. That book is Danger in the Shadows.

While the characters in this story are people of faith, who live it, talk about it, think about it, and are shaped by it, the story remains the focus. It’s a solid story of suspense. One interesting thing I noticed, however, is that the conflict seems to occur entirely between the good guys and the bad buy. The good guys get together in a most amazing way. There is substantial emotional, spiritual, and romantic conflict, but the major characters seem to manage it with few arguments.

If you like J. D. Robb, you may be disappointed here as the intensity is somewhat less, at least there is less action and more thinking.

I rate this a 3.

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