Book: Maelstrom

I begin to realize that this blog has been around for some time and isn’t just my little idea from a couple of days ago when I prepare to write a note on the second book in a series for which I blogged about the first book.

I like Anne McCaffrey, and to a lesser, but still quite great extent Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Their second book in The Twins of Petaybee series is available, and is titled Maelstrom (The Twins of Petaybee, Book 2).

I look at this book very much like the first. It is lighter than the Dragonrider series, and I don’t find the cultural background anywhere near as interesting, but the characters are engaging, and the story is fun. That’s a lot to recommend a book, especially since I look for books to read when my mind wants to rest rather than be challenged. I’m glad there are books that fit the bill.

As long as you don’t demand sophisticated politics or advanced military strategy, and also as long as you can enjoy a story where the key players are children, you’ll likely enjoy this. I would warn the unwary that this second book takes the tranditional trilogy view and leaves you in a tough place. I knew it was going to happen as I read and saw the number of pages remaining–they didn’t resolve a number of conflicts. That, of course, is promising for next time, but annoying for those who don’t really like unfinished series all that well.

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