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Book: Imitation in Death

What more can I say about J. D. Robb and the various books about Eve Dallas? I just enjoy the character interaction. They’re not too over the top in forcing me to think, thus being good reading after I’ve read all the serious stuff for the day, and did I mention the characters? They’re just fun.

In Imitation in Death, J. D. Robb/Nora Roberts brings us the summer of 2059 and a serial killer who imitates serial killers, but not the same one twice. This one will lead us through a walk through history (and the series fictional history) and a look at some of the things that just might make a murderer.

In the meantime, Peabody is distracted by preparation for her detective exam, and also the terror of actually taking it. How will the pair work their way out of this one? At least Roarke and Eve aren’t fighting.

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