Book: Retief’s Peace

I’m a big fan of Keith Laumer. In different moods I like Retief and the Bolo series. William H. Keith, Jr. has now been extending that series, and this little book is great fun.

Especially with humor, I’m really leery of a new author taking something over. Will the charm and fun still be there? Keith has managed to accomplish the near impossible–a new Retief book that is just as much fun as the old ones. We find Retief again avoiding promotion by being excessively competent and willing to point out the errors of others.

There’s a new species intent on conquest, the mysterious Krll, who are apparently intent on conquering peaceful planets and generally creating havoc throughout the cluster. The question is, what do peace protests, drug lords, and disguised five-eyed, sticky fingered Groaci diplomats have to do with it all?


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