Book Announcement – Paul Chafe: Genesis

Put this one on my “must have” list. I got notice today that this one is coming November 1, 2007, and also found it available for pre-order on Amazon.com. The link should be to your right as you read this.

No, I have not read this book, but based on my reading of Destiny’s Forge, which I called a great book, I would be ready to grab this one sight unseen. Any reader of this blog can tell that I have very eclectic tastes, and enjoy a wide variety of books. But there are only a few that are truly exciting, that I would read over and over. There are only a few authors whose work is so good that I go out hunting for it, and will buy, beg, or borrow it as necessary.

It’s good to see Paul Chafe move from writing in the Kzin universe, as much fun as that is, to open a new series of his own. I am looking forward to November with anticipation.

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