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Book: Body Movers

I could just rate this one a three, and let it go at that, but then I might be unfair to the author.  You see, the book is well written, but unfortunately had the bad luck to hit too many of my pet peeves, not about writing, but about people.  I just plain didn’t like the characters all that much, and sometimes I really don’t enjoy reading books about people I truly would not care to meet.

Basically, I felt that the action started slowly.  The first half of the book kept me busy disliking the major characters.  It got better toward the end, but I never did warm up to the people. Carlotta Wren’s parents have abandoned her and her younger brother, whom she has raised.  He’s pretty much a 19 year old obnoxious ingrate, and spends his time messing up her life.

She, of course, being his sister, continues to put up with all this and kind of babies him along, while being threatened by various loan sharks and other unsavory characters.  She is, nonetheless, the most likable character in the book.

The mystery is good, but it seems to me that the folks in the story solve it rather accidentally, which didn’t exactly excite me.

If you don’t have the same pet peeves as I do, you may well like this, because the story and the characters are built up quite well.  I do like the technique by which we become acquainted with each person and learn more of the background.  Because of those factors, I will certainly read another book in this series at some point.  I’m just not in a hurry.

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