Book: The Third Lynx

I like Timothy Zahn’s writing a great deal, though I prefer the conqueror series to any of his other writing. Nonetheless Blackcollar and Cobra material is really, really good, so the comparison is not that hard.

I found The Third Lynx and the earlier book in the series Night Train to Rigel to be substantially lighter than his other material. The universe seemed contrived at first, but then as I read I discovered that it is contrived in many ways, according to the internal logic of the story, so in my view all’s well.

The characters are interesting, the background is intriguing and off the beaten scifi track, and the plot is good for an adventure story. As I said, it isn’t as engaging for me as the Conqueror series was, but that would be hard to accomplish in any case.

My rating for this one is a 4 pushing a 5.

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