DVD: Prime Suspect

I ran across the first and fifth of this series of DVDs on our local public library shelf while looking for other mysteries and took it home on an impulse. It was a good impulse!

This is not the sort of humorous light stuff that I often watch or read for relaxation, nor is it the sort of hero mystery program in which the one and only sane person in a department moves through all the troubles with perfection. The lead character, DCI Tennison, is very human, makes mistakes, but also knows how to keep going.

While her people skills may seem weak on first glance she gains the loyalty of her teams through her tenacity and dedication to the job. She expects and gets good work from them.

The scenes are somewhat gritty. We’re not dealing with “clean” crimes in someone’s parlor. These events often take place in the “worse” parts of town. In both the episodes I watched thus far, DCI Tennison is up against real evil. You definitely know who you wish would win and who you wish would lose.

This is a series I will definitely continue looking for. I rate it a 4 on my numerical scale.

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