Book: Beyond the Gap

I actually thought I was reading a book by an author I’d never read before, and I still can’t remember what book I read by Harry Turtledove before, but I have a feeling that I have.

Beyond the Gap is what I call good fantasy writing. It’s not action packed from start to finish. It has some characters that are larger than life, but they’re not ridiculous. It has magic, but the magic doesn’t take the story over. There are individuals involved in adventures, but those adventures relate to cultures and politics.

For those who like constant action, as I noted above, this will not be a favorite, but for those who enjoy strong characters with a good helping of action, this should fit. Particularly interesting is the clash of cultures with the Bizogot Jarl Trasamund vs the civilized Count Hamnet Thyssen.

There’s a gap in the great glacier. Who wants to go through it?

Rating: 4

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