Most Popular 10 Posts for 2009

It’s a little late – these things are traditionally done on December 31, but I thought I’d break with my own tradition of not doing such lists and provide them this year.

According to the wp-stats plugin, here are the top ten.  Well, actually the top 14.  I put in a few more so as to include a couple more that I wrote, since two of my top ten were editions of the Christian Carnival, which speaks volumes regarding the limited traffic on this blog.

Christian Carnival CCLXXXVIII – Caravan Route Edition
Pastoral Candidate
Psalm 46 as an Italian Sonnet
Psalm 103 as Blank Verse
The God-Talk Club and the She-Bears
Thanking him for Faithfulness
Christian Carnival CCCV – Advent Edition
Who Felt God’s Presence?
Psalm 121: A Translation and Poetic Response
Caravan Stop
Susanna: A Transformation
Daniel and the Forgotten Prince
The New Judge
I Have No Gifts

When I split my may blog, Threads from Henry’s Threads, into three, I expected this one to be very low traffic (the third is the Participatory Bible Study blog). It has actually exceeded my expectations in traffic, and I find that when I update it regularly it does even better (no shock there!) so I do plan for the new year to put a little more effort into this fun place.

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