Resnick Inspired Devotional

It is perhaps a bit humorous that my devotional this morning, Sticking with the Familiar was inspired by Michael Resnick’s short story “Over There” which I read just last night from his collection Will the Last Person to Leave the Planet Please Shut Off the Sun?. The thought came to me how often we go with who we are and what we do even when all the indications are against it.

I like short stories, and Resnick has that wonderful quality of writing stories that I don’t entirely like, but are so good that I have to read anyhow. I’m not sure just how to express that properly. I felt that way before about his book A Hunger in the Soul, and he even dropped by to comment and explain, but the thing is there was nothing wrong with the book. In fact, it was superbly written as one would expect of Mike Resnick. Yet I really didn’t like the story.

In any case, there are any number of short stories in this book that annoy me while at the same time are really wonderful. That may indicate some sort of mental problem. The Kirniyaga stories, of which I’ve read two so far are no fun at all and yet superbly set and written. In case you’re wondering, I recommend this collection, even though it is only available used. There are plenty of used copies. Look one up.

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