Christian Carnival March 14, 2012

There were only a few submissions for the carnival this week, and since I’m busy with several forthcoming book releases, I didn’t come up with a wonderful theme. This is, of course, to assume that if I had the time I would come up with a wonderful theme! The same state of busyness leaves me with no post of my own, even from three blogs, to include.

I have still scattered a few random awards around, and I added a section titled “More!” to bring links to some posts that weren’t submitted, but that showed up in my reader feeds this week.

Next week’s host is Bible Archive, and you can submit your posts via the Christian Carnival submission form.


The Goodness Of Man And Animals from A Christian Worldview of Fiction by Rebecca LuElla Miller. A comparison of Mankind with animals at the level of morality undermines common beliefs about who Mankind is. Excerpt: Our culture increasingly says openly, Man is good. Hence, we should simply give in to our instincts — as long as we do no harm to others. How interesting that the animals have no such exception clause. They can do harm to others with impunity.

Apologetics Daily from the Christian Apologetics Alliance via Maryann Spikes. This is a new page containing feeds from Christian Apologetics Alliance blogs. The most recent post from each blog is displayed in a list as an on-line magazine, updated as often as the bloggers post.

For example, one post linked when I checked the page discusses animal death and makes a theological argument for young earth creationism. There’s a need for more discussion of the theological implications of each position on the origins question.


Modesty-Your Spiritual Act of Worship Part 3 from INSPIKS by Fadi. In Christianity, sin is not a line that we cross, or an edge we fall off. The Bible says that adultery is not only an action but an attitude of the mind, ie: lust. Long and thorough post award.


Monergism, Synergism, and God’s Image, 2 of 2 from Theological Pursuit by Carl Ayers. Are we saved or justified on account of faith alone? Is there any sense in which we are saved or justified on account of works? What does being created in God’s Image have to do with it? I answer “Yes” to the first two questions and explain the third.

This one gets the “digging into theology” award!

How to Pray to God from Prayers for Special Help by Cindy Brandon. Many people ask about how to best pray to God. There is no correct answer of course, but we can use the Lord’s prayer as a great template for those new to prayer. 🙂

And to this, the “keeping it simple” award!


Fellowship from Windows to the Woman’s Soul by Kaleb. Two ships out to sea by the will of their Maker
One just a novice, one a skilled traveler
Cross paths to dock on common ground
An odd pair, yet fellowship each found…

This one’s supposed to be for women, but I give it the “do some more of this” award. I’d love to see more poetry submissions.


How do I discern God’s will for my life? Step one: Shut up. from Zowada Blog by Matt Zowada. So many times we ask God about His will, without first seeking the book where He disclosed it. Yep – practical stuff!

21 Great Mother Teresa Quotes from What Christians Want To Know by Pam submitted by Josh. Many times Mother Teresa said just a few words, but whatever she said, you can believe it was a very thoughtful saying.

Grasshopper Minds from Ridge’s Blogby Ridge Burns submitted by Shannon Christman. If there’s a discipline that oftentimes we lack in our whole lives, it’s to really, seriously concentrate and really, seriously humble ourselves in the presence of God.

“Have You Seen My David?” from InFaith’s Mission Blog by John Hoover. Moving through the nursing home today, I ran into Herb. He’s a tall eighty-something former engineer with no hair, a ball cap, and a booming voice. All throughout my visiting time today, he kept wheeling up and down the hallways saying, ‘Have you seen my David? Have you seen my David?’

Clearly deserves the “most haunting question” award, and another one for making a deep point with very few words.


I Am Different by my wife Jody Neufeld from her Devotional blog. How much does Christ shine from your life. How much of you is there?

I saw camels dancing on Satan’s grave from the misnamed Phil’s Boring Blog. Some of the language, the humor, and the references may offend you, but I confess I haven’t enjoyed reading something this much in a long time. Hint: Be sure you follow the link before you get upset about God not existing.

Allan Bevere has some random thoughts starting with the number of people who will miss worship because they arrive late afterward. What does he think we should do about it? Read and see!

How could you miss a post titled Luther, Erasmus and Bondage? It’s by Joel Watts on his Unsettled Christianity Blog.

Bob Cornwall reflects on the murder of 16 civilians in Afghanistan.

From Science and Religion: A View from an Evolutionary Creationist we learn that the American Scientific Affiliation has started a new magazine titled God and Nature Magazine.

Roger Olson responds to John Piper on God and tornadoes.

Alan Knox thinks there’s more “togetherness” in the gospel than many of us realize.

Arthur Sido discusses Unity as a Witness. Or Not!

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